February 8, 2011

Printer, Paper and Ink..

LOL.. and they say
you can't print MONEY!

Super Excited, just bought a new printer that is wireless!!
And when I finally step into 2011 with a smart phone it will
print my cell phone photos too.  ;)
I got a GOOD price.. as to buy ink for my 3yr old printer would have
 been $34,  the new updated printer is on it's way to my house 
delivered by SANTA (My mailman.. HEY he delivers,
 presents daily to me with coupons or samples)  that also comes with ink
And the new printer's ink is $2 less than my old one.

Need Paper to print coupons?
I saw a post on Hip2save.com, about a mom who recycles her kids papers they bring home from school.  I never thought to use those to print coupons on.. but she's right they are usually 1 sided and after you read the notice you toss them. So hey free printer paper. If only the Ink was free! I have tryed the refilling of the ink but my printer rejects it or the color is so off. Not that I recommend printing your coupons in color. Make sure you set your printer preferences to "black ink only" and "normal/draft printing".

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