March 1, 2012

99 Cent only Store Shopping 2/24/12

So over the last 3 months I've been really shopping at the 99 Cent only stores
in San Diego area. Usually I only go there when I need holiday decorations or
art supplies for my kids.  I never purchased any food items before, always thought
they were low grade or expired.  But boy was I wrong.. or maybe they just have really
stepped it up in there buying of 'know product brands. Because I have to say..
I really love the 99 cent store for food too now!

They carry ORGANIC lettuce, eggs, cherry/grape tomatoes.. all $0.99 cents!  
And if you need milk, quart is $0.99, gallon is $2.99

**GREAT TIP:  try to shop early when the store first opens at 9am.
They get limited number of great frozen/frig items. I've seen 4 pk's of Activia,
Danimal yogurt, Kraft blocks of 8oz cheese, Velveeta cheese blocks,
Pillsbury's dough and ready bake cookies! 

99 Cent only store even has a sales flyer (CA, NV, AZ and TX )

Locate a store near you.
The store hours are simple to remember 9am to 9pm.