February 17, 2011

Always check your Receipt!

Just a reminder..
I check mine before I leave the store.. otherwise I get lazy to go back or by the time I go back the store has corrected the pricing issue and it's hard to prove the error.

 SAN DIEGO -- Though Walmart promises savings for its customers,
10News (full story and video)  discovered items were ringing up at wrong prices and that the store violated a special court order to ensure pricing accuracy. The court order specified that if an item scanned at a price higher than advertised or displayed, the customer would receive an extra $3 off the item. If the item was less than $3, the customer would get the item for free. The court-ordered pricing accuracy policy applied to every Walmart in California and went into effect beginning in November 2008 through November 2012.  Did you know about the $3 off policy?  I learned something NEW today!  

    And pricing errors occur all the time, I was just recently over charged $4.00 for 2 tubs of Feta cheese at Ralphs. I was given a full refund for the 1st tub and 50% off the second.. did u know that was Ralphs policy? I didn't,  I was only expecting to get my $4.00 back.  That's yet another reason I LUV RALPHS!        

Btw.. did you notice " We gladly accept Internet coupons"! I stopped shopping at Walmart with coupons a couple months back because some locations refused to accept PAH (print at home) coupons. And if I try to use more than 1 of the same coupons to purchase multiples of the same items, I was told "no, we will accept 1 coupon." Even though I was buying 3 of the same item and should be able to use 3 coupons, 1 for each item. MAYBE I'll give them a try again... anyone else have a SUCCESSFUL shop there recently with PAH & Manf. coupons in SAN DIEGO area??

Thanks, 10 News and Hip2save

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