February 16, 2011

10 FREE Postage Stamps a month

Everyone is looking for ways to earn money, gift cards, etc.  I wanted to point out Quad Graphics which is a mail decoy company.  You simply receive mail which is mailers, catalogs and flyer's. You just call a special 800# and enter the code off the label. How easy is that! It takes me a few minutes a week and they show their appreciation for your volunteer work by sending you 10 postage stamps a month.
They are always looking for new volunteers based on zip codes and it is so easy and fun to read the cool catalogs they send. Just pop off an email to quadreaders@qg.com and tell them you are interested. Just include the following information for her too.
City, State, Zip                                                              
Home Phone                                                                           
Day Phone

I was a little skeptical , but after reading all the comments of current
members on different blogs and researching the company's website, it sounds GREAT!

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