February 20, 2011

$5.00 Ralphs e-coupon!!

Submit a recipe using Pillsbury products. Really simple to do, took me 4 Min's!
Just for the submission they reward you with $5.00 e-coupon, a link will take you to the Ralphs website. Log in to save the coupon to your store card. And hey maybe you will also win the recipe contest too! 

UPDATE: 2/20/11
The $5.00 link took me to KROGER.com and when I logged in with my Ralphs User info. I got a ERROR message "no Kroger location near by me". So I just emailed Ralphs for assistance in loading the coupon to my store card. Wish me luck!
UPDATE 2/21/11
Ralphs has such great customer service, they added my $5.00!

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