February 1, 2011

How to Organize your coupons

Ok.. so you bought the Sunday newspaper and cut out the coupons you like. 
Now what??

Coupon Inserts
Don't throw the coupon insert flyer's away!
On the front cover with a marker write the date the flyer came out on. 
This will make locating a coupon much easier for sales!
Also, deals pop up all the time and this way you can always go back and clip that coupon !!

Buy a Coupon Organizer
Target or Michael's $1.00 - in the Dollar bins

I have 2 Organizers, 1 for organizing my coupons by category.
 And the other is by store name.

About to Expire*  
Junk Food
Cans/Dry foods
Restaurant Coupons ( Chuckie Cheese, Jack n the Box.. etc)

* On the 1st of the month I move any coupons that will expire as of the 15th to the front of  #1.
If I find a deal they get used otherwise they get tossed or you can donate them.
 I repeat the process on the 15th and move the ones expiring on the 30-31st.

Rite Aid

So why a #2 organizer?
I research and plan all my shopping adventures. And needed a place to put all my coupons for each store I planned to visit. And then their was the store credit (+up, ecb, rr)  you get back after your purchase.

Make a list
Use a 4x6 notebook, Smart phone (look at my site while shopping)
 or copy/paste and print the deals you like.  Just remember Ink gets expensive!
I use the notebook. It's handy when I want to look back at previous prices I've paid to verify
 it's a GREAT price.. and it helps me to decide if I should stock up.
Also verify the price you have written down with the stores price.
 Sometimes the deals are regional and are not being offered at your location. You don't want to over pay!!!
And finally STICK to the list! Don't buy anything else, unless you have a coupon and it's really a good price.

Missed the Sale
If you MISSED THE SALE.. omg, what were you doing. shame on you!!
No, it's no big deal. Their is ALWAYS another sale coming!
 You might have to wait 2-3 months for a GREAT SALE PRICE. So ALWAYS be prepared. I try to keep a 3 month supply of any products my family eats/uses all the time. This way I will NEVER have to pay retail. And before the supply  runs out.. BAM their is another sale to re-stock.
NO were NOT HOARDERS... Just a smart family ;)

Store self is empty/sold out of product
Don't PANIC! Just ask an employee for a rain check. Most stores give you 30 to 60 days to be able to come back and get the product at the sale price. Which is not bad..you have more time to get a coupon to match to that great sale price! Also, heads up at CVS their rain checks - NEVER EXPIRE!!

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