February 28, 2011

Coupon Lingo

Yep, us couponers have our own lingo!

Couponer = a person who uses coupons
Q or CQ = Manufacture Coupon
BOGO, B1G1 = Buy one get one free
B2G1 = Buy two get one free
Wyb = When you buy
And wyb = you must buy all items listed on the coupon to get the discount
$2.00/1 , $2/1 = Two dollars of of one item
Double Coupon = Varies, usually they double up to $1.00. Ex. $0.40 to  $0.80 & only 1 like will DC
Stacking = (1) store coupon and (1) manufacture coupon used on the same item
Like Coupon(s) = 2 or more of  the same coupon with matching codes
DND = Do not double, I don't like those!!!
One per Purchase = one per item. Ex. buying 2 items use 2 coupons in same transaction
One Per transaction, One per order = limit 1 for the entire transaction
One per customer = Varies, 1 per visit. If you are doing this multiple times, go to diff  location/cashier(s)
Limit 2 = Limit 2 with your store loyalty card. Some stores trackers reset daily or weekly.
PSA = Price starting at
OOS = Out of stock
ETS = Excludes trial /travel size
Beep(s), Beepage  = Register beeps; coupon not found or cashier needs to enter price
SS = Smart Source Coupon Insert
RP = Red Plum Coupon Insert
P&G = Proctor and Gamble Coupon Insert
GM = General Mills Coupon Insert
Exp. = coupon expires on
PAH, Printable, IP = Print at home coupon, you can print twice ( hit back button on browser 2-3x)
Blinkie = Grocery store or Drugstore coupon dispensed from a shelf blinking machine
Peelie =  Product has a coupon attached to it
Tear Pad  = Pad of coupons on shelf, register, etc
E-coupon = a couple that is loaded to your store loyalty card
MIR = Mail in rebate
FAR = Free after rebate
Manufacturer , MFR = The company who produces that product offer a coupon
Store Coupon = Coupon is specific for a certain grocery/drug store
Target Coupon = From a Target Mailer or their website
YMMV = Your Manager may vary
Catalina = a coupon or offer that prints on a separate machine after you pay at the register
Rolling = you can do the offer multiple times and use a Catalina from trans 1 to pay for trans 2
OYNO = On your next order
Rain check =  a slip that allows you to get the sale price of an item(s) after the sale is over if out of stock
ECB =  Extra Care Bucks, CVS; store credit that prints at bottom of receipt
Magic coupon machine (box) = CVS, at store scan loyalty card to print store coupons
CRT = Cash Register Tape; CVS store coupons that print on your receipt
+UP = plus up, Rite Aid; store credit that prints out at the bottom of your receipt
VV = Video Value; Rite Aid store coupon that you print from their website
SCR = Single Check Rebate; Rite Aid monthly rebate program
RR = Register Reward, Walgreens; store credit that prints out at the bottom of your receipt
IVC =Instant value coupon; Walgreens monthly store coupon booklet
Bragg(ing) = Showing off you purchase(s)
Stockpile = your loot/stash from couponing
OOP = out of pocket; money spent to buy items after all coupons are used

UPDATED 2/28/11

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