April 23, 2011

Check out my Mail Box goodies..

I love when Santa (mailman) brings me goodies and not bills ;)
2 Orville Pop up Popcorn's - allyou.com & Walmart.com Samples w/ coupons
$5.00/1 4lbs bag of Pedigree dog food 'redeem @ Kroger coupon
Clinique Mascra sample - Facebook
Glade FREE spring collection coupon ($3.99 value) - Facebook?
The Super Dentists - The Terrible Tooth DVD w/ 2 stickers

I recently called for an appointment for my little one to go the dentist for the first time. Both of my older girls have been going to the  The Super Dentist for a couple years, and luv the loving care experience they receive each visit. Well they sent me the first visit forms in a packet w/ a really NEAT DVD from Dr. Keri! My kids were SUPER EXCITED to watch it!! And OK, I was too. It's a short  10-15min? animated movie but had several bonus mini movie clips...great family value messages- very adorable! 
Not sure if they give the DVDs out to everyone.. but it can't hurt to ask ;) 

1 comment:

  1. We are glad your girls enjoyed the movie and stickers and yes all new patients get a free movie! :)Best wishes~The Super Dentists www.TheSuperDentists.com