April 14, 2011

My Target Buys Last week.. $40.76

I know it's from last week, April 9th.
 I've gotten a little behind since my oldest is on Spring break for a month.
And I still have my other 2 little ones to care for as well.
But the shopping and deal seeking MUST GO ON!
As you know were a family of 5 with 3 kids and I'm a sahm
(stay at home mom), so every penny counts.
I've been watching the Extreme Couponing series with my Husband. And he asked me 'how come when you buy groceries it cost us $50.00 a week. I was like really you have an issue with $50! LMAO!! My Husband is just confused as to how the people on the show get the total to almost zero at the register. Well I told him 'I could do that to.. if he wanted  to live on 61 bottles of mustard and a couple other things that were free with coupons. But we have kids that EAT more than just mustard and need diapers!!
So here's what my family would have spent at
Target without coupons $117.09 but we paid $40.76
(after $5.00 MIR from Success Rice), $0.05 each reusable bags 
and using our Target Red card for an extra 5% off.
Not bad I think.. especially with 2 Boxes of Huggies diapers ;)

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