March 1, 2011

Clipping Multiple Coupon Inserts

Coupon Inserts 

Ahh... look at all those inserts (borrowed photo above.. but I'm headed that way!).  I need to simplify and streamline my coupon insert clipping. When I first started couponing I usually had 1-2 of each insert weekly. So I simply clipped the coupons I like and filed away the entire unused inserts until the coupons in the insert were expired. But NOW I've moved on to 8-10 of each inserts a week! And as you can imagine I have gotten a bit behind on my clipping. And the inserts are just piling up and taking up to much space!!! As I was pondering my issue.. I watched Coffee with Collin on Hip2save a week ago and she gave a great tip to help solve my issue.

First Organize all the Inserts.
 I put the date BIG on the front cover of one insert to keep.
Btw you can also find the date the insert came out on the spine of the insert.
The rest of the other covers unless they have coupons for products I like or would try, get tossed.

Then Separate all the like page. Any useless pages with sales ads are tossed.

Take a stack of like page. Clip several of the same coupon out at one time. 
 Be VERY careful not to cut off the Exp. or barcode!

Time Saver, just cut out 4 coupons!
 And once your done with the whole set of inserts you will have gotten rid of a couple pages of ads and your pile for that week should be a little smaller and easier to store and keep up with ;)

How long do I keep my inserts?
 I keep them for 3 months, usually by then 98-100%  are expired.
 And if I really like the product I already clipped the coupon from the insert, so it gets tossed (recycle bin)

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