January 31, 2011

KRAZY COUPON LADY on Nate Show today!

One of my Favorite bloggers, Krazy Coupon Lady - Joanie will be on TV today.
 The Nate Berkus show  For me it's on NBC @ 2pm
The entire 1 hr will be dedicated to showing how to be a KCL, save money and give back.
  1. Organize your coupons!  If you have NO time, get a file box and organize by date.  If you want to create a coupon binder like the one you saw Joanie Demer use, download the 36 coupon-binder categories for free.
  2. Stack-up the savings.  Now that you’ve got your coupons, don’t use them just cause you have them and DON’T buy something your family won’t use!  Wait until the products you use are on sale (at least 75% off retail and stock-up)!
  3. Stockpile!  Now, I’m not saying you need a stockpile like mine or anyone else’s on the show, but every successful coupon-shopper MUST stockpile to some extent! Read more about stockpiling here.
  4. Pay it forward!  When you begin saving loads of cash, it allows you to give back to your family, neighborhood and community!  #1 goal of couponing is to become financially independent.  #2 goal is to give back!  Get creative with giving back:  watch me donate 300 lbs of food to my food bank or watch KCL co-founder, Heather donate toys to a woman’s shelter.
Thanks KCL!!

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