October 6, 2011

2 FREE Covergirl Blush @ Target or Walmart

Buy (2) Covergirl blush $3.74  
2 @ $3.74 = $7.48
$8.00/2 Covergirl face coupon  10/2 P&G
Pay: Free

The coupon will beep, since it's for more than the products. My cashier just pushed it
 through and I got to use overage towards the sales tax (this is not the stores policy).  
But if your cashier denies your coupon .. Target Coupon policy states they
 adjust it down to $7.48 and you pay sales tax only. 


Buy (2) Covergirl blush $3.74
2 @ $3.74 = $7.48
$8.00/2 Covergirl face coupon 10/2 P&G
Pay: Free + $0.52 overage

Yes.. Overage!  Walmart coupon policy allows you to either apply overage
 towards other items your buying, sales tax. If after coupons & tax they owe you
 money, they will hand you cash from the register. I've never gone negative..yet!

 UPDATE: Josie @ Southern Cali Saver called Covergirl and they confirmed
blush is a 'face product along with foundations and powder in their cosmetic line.

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