July 26, 2011

Kmart: Take an additional 50% off TOY CLEARANCE on 7/26/11

Total Cost $ 62.50

 and found a whole aisle with clearance toys,   
3 aisle displays and a couple more mixed in with the regular toys with bright green tags. 

At first I was like $17.00 - too much!
 Then I noticed a sign "take an additional 50% off clearance toys"... ummm $8.50 SOLD! 
I also ran the toys under the price scanner just to verify the savings and avoid any
disappointments at the register  ;)

Fisher Price Geo Trax Remote Control Timbertown $59.00 Paid $22.50!!
Can't wait for Christmas .. my son will LOVE this!!

Fisher Price Build 'n Fun Jungle $23.00 Paid $8.50

Fisher Price Build 'n Fun Palace $23.00 Paid $8.50

Just Kidz Tool Set $5.00  Paid $2.00

Play Doh Mega Fun Factory $24.00 Paid $12.00

Hot Wheels Android Attack $11.00 Paid $5.50

Crayola 3D Mosaic Pop Art $14.99  Paid $2.00

Crayola Sponge Bob Mosaic Art $14.99 Paid $1.50

UPDATED 7/26/11

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