May 13, 2011

My RALPHS Mini Shop $0.19

Paid $0.19 (with CRV)
I'm LOVING when Ralphs does their Buy 10 Promos..
 there's always lots of Freebies and overage!

 20- *Propel Fitness Water, 24-oz.  $0.49
$1/2   SS 2/13 
$1/1  Pepsi insert 5/1
Pay: Free  to +$0.41 overage after crv

1- *Mom's Natural Cereal $0.99

1- Kit Kat $1.00
(covered the unexpected overage)

1- Ralphs 6ct. Cheeseburgers $5.99
( used overage, free burgers!)

Well my total should have been $0.81 minus the Kit Kat candy bar. 
 But I completely forgot about the $2.00 store credit Ralphs loaded on my loyalty card from last weeks Kraft Cheese mishap. In case you didn't notice the cheese in the Thursday 1-9 PM sale was supposed to be $0.99 (limit 2) but CA won't allow that so they sold them for $1.79 and loaded a store credit of 1.00 each cheese bought onto your Ralphs card for your next purchase.

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