December 19, 2011

PI Package: Full of Freebies from Couponing!

Yep.. it's that time again to send another package to my Husband's family in the Philippines.  It's still amazing to me how much stuff I get FREE or Super Cheap.. in only 2-3 months time. Why just let it collect dust, or expire. I always seem to find a good home for my stockpile items  ;)

All Free - Coupon overage.. love it!

I paid $0.50 each ( 99 cent only store)

Cute stockings huh!!
Ok,  I paid $0.99 for each one (99 cents only store) & stuffed bags of candy inside

Razors anyone.. lol! All Free + overage ;)



A lot of FREE..

Yes, Make up FREE..

And of course, I don't pay for medications.. FREE!


 I heard about the annoying FLYS,  no longer!

Merry Christmas !!!!
 And to my fellow couponers don't forget to give back.  Even if it's on a very small scale. You can give items to a fellow neighbor, friend, family member, shelter, church, non profit organization.. everyone can use a little help! And really do you need 20 boxes of toothpaste, 50 toothbrushes.. lol!  'Sharing is caring ;)

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